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abby winters newsletter videos archive - 2006

Every week we bring you the Abby Winters video newsletter, which features a hot Aussie chicky babe telling us all about the latest updates.  Is it just me, or are the clothed beauties that present these videos just as sexy as the gorgeous naked girls they're talking about?

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December 18th 2006
Hosted by: Susie
It's the last newsletter for 2006. Happy New Year from!
Featuring: Shelly B, Phoenix, Helen S, Ivy, and Anthea & Sue-Ann, plus a few extra sneak peeks
December 11th 2006
Hosted by: Celina
A little niceness, a little naughtiness
Featuring: Greta, Violet Y, Rose-Ann, Sophia, and Ava & Tammy B
December 4th 2006
Hosted by: Alex T & Portia
Bums! Lots of beautiful rear ends!
Featuring: Tammy B, Adele, Leisa, Anika, and Anne B & Alana J
November 27th 2006
Hosted by: Katy
Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads
Featuring: Ashlee, Celina, Ann-Marie, Estelle, and Alex T & Carissa
November 20th 2006
Hosted by: Sue-Ann (and Kaitlin)
Dark hair, pale skin, big boobs, and pubic hair
Featuring: Tyra, Vanessa Y, Shae-Ann, Shelby, and Kristin & Shelly B
November 13th 2006
Hosted by: Jilly
Hippy dreads, bright smiles, and lots of tanned fleshtones
Featuring: Dawn, Jasmyn, Jayde, Ranae, Kirra & Naomi E
November 6th 2006
Hosted by: Marigold
A touch of gold, musical tastes, a homework desk, and sheets of white lace.
Featuring: Elana, Merryn, Lorena, Ellison, Martina & Susan E
October 30th 2006
Hosted by: Shona
Let's take a break while trekking outdoors to tell you about the next week of upcoming goodness…
Featuring: Adriana, Reece, Jean, Ness, Shane & Fallon
October 23rd 2006
Hosted by: Anika
Out in the park, with lots of outdoor girls
Featuring: Sue-Ann, Theresa, Gail, Morag, Toni B & Brooke L
October 16th 2006
Hosted by: Tammy B & Michelle R
Two models host together, while interrupting their Tier 3
Featuring: Ainslee, Kylie B & Kylie J, Kristin, Nathalie, Laurin & Marigold
October 9th 2006
Hosted by: Phoenix
Shot and Edited by: Kai
By the river, on a sunny day, there's a plethora of new models to see
Featuring: Alberta, Gema, Eryn, Cassy, and Karmen & Kendall
October 2nd 2006
Hosted by: Tammy B
Out in the park, with lots to see and do
Featuring: Tanja, Pauline, Adeline, Rosita, and the 80s Girls
September 25th 2006
Hosted by: Sue Ann
Shot and Edited by: Kai
Featuring: Hollie, Annabella, Sylvie, Laurin, and Julia B & Janelle
September 18th 2006
Hosted by: Evie
Edited by: Kai
The strangest IM you ever did see
Featuring: Carlie, Ava, Katie J, Anja, Merinda, and Olivia M & Michelle R
September 4th 2006
Hosted by: Shane & Laurin
Shot and Edited by: Kai
More bare flesh than you can shake a stick at
Featuring: Kendall, Kerry S, Asha, SophieJoy, and Carla & Kirra
August 28th 2006
Hosted by: Susie
Reduxes and Solos and Girl Girls, oh my!
Featuring: Aslinn, Max, Miff, Janelle, and Shane & Armine
August 21st 2006
Hosted by: Marigold
Girls! Lots and lots of girls!
Featuring: Sally P, Gabrielle, Belinda N, Eadie, and the Pyjama Girls
August 14th 2006
Hosted by: Shane
Girls next door, and from the other side of the tracks
Featuring: Tabbitha M, Carla, Petria, Carina L, and Portia & Rachel T
August 7th 2006
Hosted by: Everybody
Rushing around AWHQ to see everyone and everything
Featuring: Kylie J, Louise R, Polly M, Evie, and Anneke & Liandra
July 31st 2006
Hosted by: Olivia M
Magical, with lots of hair, lots of bots, lots of pink
Featuring: Carissa, Andriea, Hayley, Nicole A, and Valerie & Emma R
July 24th 2006
Hosted by: Diana
Shot by: Kai
Think pink, think boy-girl, think alleyways and bedrooms
Featuring: Martina, Katya Y, Natalie M, Mia D, and Zena & Raph
July 17th 2006
Hosted by: Susie
Shot and Edited by: Kai
Beach shenanigans, leaping around, tiny people, and big boobies
Featuring: Martina, Ollie, Sophie T, Mardi L, and Bryony & Carmen C
July 10th 2006
Hosted by: Naomi E
Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue
Featuring: Michelle R, Eliza, Angela C, Kirra, and Fallon & Olivia M
July 3rd 2006
Hosted by: Penny
Blondes of all descriptions, brunettes beyond compare
Featuring: Bryony, Dee H, Brooke L, Jamie R, and Tamara A & Jennifer L
June 26th 2006
Hosted by: Adeline
On a bed, in the dark, among the trees, and on the couch
Featuring: Susan E, Shelly B, Lily F, and Alex P
June 19th 2006
Hosted by: Millie
In the bedroom, in the fields, and in the spa
Featuring: Marie M, Anneke, Anne B, Eva T, and Ava & Liandra
June 12th 2006
Hosted by: Fallon
Snowboards and bathtubs and stairways and dildos
Featuring: Tilly, Georgie R, Alex T, and Christiana & Margaret
June 5th 2006
Hosted by: Tilly
Three new models, two IMs, one Deviations, and a Girl-Girl in a sunbed.
Featuring: Katherine, Toni B, Rachel T, Shane Deviations, Siobhan E IM, Nona IM, and Karmen & Samantha N
May 29th 2006
Hosted by: Beatrice
Blue eyes, Brown eyes, Hazel eyes, Brunette hair, Blonde hair, Red hair, Pale skin, Tanned skin, Artificially coloured skin
Featuring: Sandy H, Ashley, Emma T, Carrie R, and Fallon & Naomi E
May 22nd 2006
Hosted by: Susie
Models from all over the world - America, Europe, and Australia
Featuring: Mardi, Kaitlin, Joanna B, Alana J, and Ava & Gilian
May 15th 2006
Hosted by: Fallon
A lot of colour, a lot of grass, a lot of boobage, and a lot of pretty new models
Featuring: Fallon, Roxanne, Calibre, Julia B, Karmen, and Carla & Alexiah
May 8th 2006
Hosted by: Matilda
A tour around the new facilities at AWHQ reveal some new faces amongst the team
Featuring: AWHQ, Randy, Portia, and Nona & Breeanna
May 1st 2006
Hosted by: Matilda
Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something long, thick, and black
Featuring: AWHQ, Ava, Anita R, Anneke & Darcy, and Ariel
April 17th 2006
Hosted by: Matilda
Expectancy, shimmying, swinging, and touchy feely
Featuring: Evangeline, Capri, Alex C, Olivia M, and Glynn & Alinta
April 10th 2006
Hosted by: Diana
Fences, leg warmers, spectator sports, and lots of pyjamas
Featuring: A Pyjama Party, Kylie B, Leah V, Alexiah, and Christiana & Vanessa Y
April 3rd 2006
Hosted by: Paula
Strange bras and torn clothes, a daisy chain, and a hot girl girl starring the hostess herself
Featuring: Paula & Chloe B, Naomi E, Brooke T, and Lucy C
March 27th 2006
Hosted by: Christiana
Tumbling around, cute glasses, big boobs, and orgasms to spare. And a blooper!
Featuring: Backstage in the AW Office, Nadia A, Antonia, Miranda & Lucinda IM, and Anneke & Katya Y
March 20th 2006
Hosted by: Valerie
Girl Girl galore, desks, and short skirts
Featuring: Backstage in the AW Office, Anneke & Katya Y, Breeanna, Kasia, Margaret & Darcy, and Valerie & Patricia
March 13th 2006
Hosted by: Valerie
A little bit of backstage fun, a little bit of girl-girl play, and a little bit of nipple.
Featuring: Backstage in the AW Office, Mim, MaryJane & Louisa, Gilian & Mollie, and Pamela
March 6th 2006
Hosted by: Matilda
Two friends, two lovers, lots of dancing, and a cameo appearance from Susie.
Featuring: Liandra's Party, Fuji & Diana, Armine & Fuji, Daniela, and Madeline & Marguerite
February 27th 2006
Hosted by: Matilda
Belly dancing, pregnancy, and a fridge.
Featuring: Liandra, Nona, Shannon, and Backstage 100
February 20th 2006
Hosted by: Matilda
A triple IM, a girl in the jungle, and some stripey socks.
Featuring: Jennifer L & Tamara, Sarsha, Christiana, and Katya, Liandra & Matilda
February 13th 2006
Hosted by: Matilda
Dancing, darts, a pool, a feather boa, and an iPod.
Featuring: Georgie R, Alison P, Tracy, and the Pool Girls

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