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Online dating sites are everywhere, and to be honest many don't really cut the mustard. Quite a lot struggle to get going, and of course an online dating site without members isn't worth visiting. We've been looking to feature a Australia & NZ Dating here for some time, and although there are some Australia and New Zealand specific sites out there, if you want the best features and selection of members, then you have to go with what is the biggest adult dating site on the net - Adult Friend Finder. But perhaps the greatest secret about Adult Friend Finder, is that it also one of the best sources for amateur sex videos and images on the web.

Amateur Sex Videos & Photo Galleries
Perhaps the best kept secret about Adult Friend Finder is that it is home to thousands of amateur videos and images. Adult Friend Finder is of course primarily a dating site, but many members upload explicit videos of themselves. There are literally thousands of videos covering everything from couples fucking, girls masturbating, anal, squirting, and lesbian action. And the really nice feature is the good search facility and the international selection of videos. Feel like watching sex video from a couple in the Middle East, India, Germany or Australia? They're all readily available through the video search feature.

And the absolute best thing about this selection of videos is that they all link back to the member profiles, so you can meet the people behind the videos. It offers way more personality and reality that all those 'tube' sites - where else can you watch a couple fucking or a chick wanking off, and then actually contact them?? These are real videos from real people.

Social Networking Features
Adult Friend Finder has all the social networking features we've come to expect these days. You can send kisses and winks, invite friends to your network, and join one of the X-Rated groups available. Here's a just few of the groups available: "Girls Watching Guys on cam cum", "Sexy Horny BBWs New South Wales", "Bushy is Better", or "Younger Women for Older Men". Basically, almost anything you can imagine! There are also hundreds of blogs detailing the innermost thoughts and experiences of the AFF members.

Your Privacy is Protected
To be honest, I was getting so sick of seeing ads for Adult Friend Finder all over the web, that I refused to visit it on principle! It wasn't so much that it was being advertised (nothing wrong with that), but it was that their ads featuring 'member' profiles were 'indicative' only - that is, they are sample images and profiles only. It can be a bit annoying if you go hunting for a girl from one of those ads, and you discover she's not a real member. I'm talking about the ads like this:

But I realised that they do this for a very very good reason - and simply, that is to protect their members privacy. They have to advertise of course (who doesn't?), but how mad would their members be if they then plastered their images all across the web? Well you can be assured when you join Adult Friend Finder, you're not going to discover your image all over the internet - your privacy is protected. In any case, as soon as you click on the banner, you are taken to the site where you can see real members listed.

Magazine Articles
The 'Magazine' section of Adult Friend Finder contains articles written by members. Here's a just a few random samples of article titles to give you a taste: "How to Get Your Girlfriend to Watch Porn", "3 Most Important Places Every Woman Wants to Be Touched- Every Man Should Know This at All Costs", "How to makes girls squirt", "What keeps your open marriage working?", "Can indonesian women squirt?".

And here's a few longer samples:

"cum shower's
For a long time, one of my wife and my favorite porno DVD has been a compilation of cum showers, which is girls being drenched in cum from a number of men. My wife has got off on watching this for so ..."

"Read a Woman's mind & Her Body language
Doesn't matter whether she is interested in you, you'll make her interested eventually anyway. But look for these signs to show you whether you're already making progress. It's also fun to look for ..."

"The Flirty Thirties-A 38 y/o Females Perspective On Orgasms
I remember the day just the same as I remember my very first orgasm. A very important time in a females life. I thought I was orgasmic the whole time! Then, one day-OH MY .."

Chat Rooms & Webcams
Adult Friend Finder also has one of the best adult chat communities on the web. Many members chat with their webcam switched on, and of course many do more than just chat. There is a huge choice of chat rooms too... you can use by any region or country you like, or by interest groups such as: Cybersex, Webcam Fun, BBW, Couples Couch, Interracial Room, Gay Sauna, European Room.

Webcam Samples:
adult webcams
See who is chatting on live webcams now

Member Reviews of Adult Venues One of the other little known features of Adult Friend Finder is the extensive directory of adult venues from around the world. If you're looking for member reviews for your local swingers club or nudist resort, then this feature will make you very happy indeed. Once you're a paid up member of Adult Friend Finder, just use the "Get Local" menu and choose "Adult Places Near Me".

Truly International
Adult Friend Finder is website with a phenomenal global membership base. There are over 25 million members from all over the world, and every single one is looking for adult fun! Try a search for sexy girls in .

Final Thoughts
In all honestly, hand on heart, Adult Friend Finder is one of the few sites on the web we maintain a permanent membership to. It is an ongoing community and as such, there is always something new happening and someone new to meet or chat to. Thoroughly recommended.


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NB You will need to upgrade to a Gold Membership to obtain access to the features reviewed above. Prices start from approximately US$17.50 per month (depending on length of subscription and local currency).