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let's celebrate the beauty and sexuality of all those from australia & new zealand, wherever in the world you may be!

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Now if someone was to sit us down and ask us to design our dream adult website, I Feel Myself would be pretty close to it.  That's a big call, but I Feel Myself is a beautiful beautiful place.  Carrying on in same theme of Beautiful Agony, the makers of I Feel Myself  have expanded the brief to include full body (clothed and unclothed) videos of the artists sharing their most sexiest moments with us.

By 'sexiest moments', we mean 100% real, and completely authentic natural orgasms.  And the participants involved are absolutely gorgeous as well - sometimes there is more than one person involved in created the work of orgasm art, but often it's just a beauitful women solo with her thoughts and her pleasure.  If you find a selection of sexier people getting themselves off (with real orgasms) on the web, then let us know!!

There's a good range of video formats and sizes available for download, so those on dialup are not left completely in the cold.  

And like Beautiful Agony, I Feel Myself is Australian made and operated.  As such, there is a lot of Australian artists on the site, but there's also women from France and Sweden, and this range will be expanding all the time.  Check out the welcome video on their main page for an example of the type of personaility and content that's available.  There's also a 'Lubrucations' page where the beauitful young things talk about themselves and their experiences.

Our only criticism thus far (and this is from our female half) is the lack of male content on the site.  Beautiful Agony contains a number of sexy young guys going for gold, and it would be nice to see a few of them participate at I Feel Myself.  If it get's the wife going, then I'm all for it!

That said, I Feel Myself is definitely a site to be enjoyed by men and women, and is guaranteed to leave you wanting a orgasm of your very own!


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Member testimonials:

"Congratulations! what you have achieved is art, pure erotic art with a capital A. Deep deep captivating arousing and absolutely frustrating ;-) art. Bravo! "

"I just wanted to say that this site, and your other two, are fantastic. They are so elegant and well done, so intimate, and beautiful. They are a huge turn on, especially IFM. I don't understand why other sites have to be so unreal, fake, and disrespectful to women. You have done something quite amazing. I would love to know what you have planned next? Any thoughts of doing things live, or connecting users in some way?"
›› John

"This is without a doubt the best shit I've ever witnessed in my life. You all are genius. This is the definition of erotica. Seriously. Y'all deserve a frickin award. "
›› Kevin

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