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let's celebrate the beauty and sexuality of all those from australia & new zealand, wherever in the world you may be!

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Nudes From DownUnder - Naked Amateur Picture Posting for Australia, New Zealand & South Africa

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In a little corner of cyberspace, there's a place where art meets porn, and intelligent young women show themselves off the way they want.  There's no cheesy sets and no fake studio lighting - no bossy photographer producing forced smiles and cliched imagery.  At IShotMyself, the artists simply, well....  shoot themselves, in still life, and video.  Many are first timers, and there are many artists from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, not to mention many other countries around the world. 

There is of plenty of 'art' about this site, but that's not to say the artists don't express their sexuality as boldly and explicitly as anywhere else.  The artist is in control of the imagery - and if she feels like teasing, she will tease. If she wants to shock, she will shock.  Whatever the artist does, you can sure be sure she is doing it because she wants too, and because she has something to say about her body, her nudity, her sexuality, and her personality!

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